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Your website plays a central role in your marketing strategy, forming the initial impression customers have of your company. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize its smooth operation and carry out regular maintenance.

Our experienced team is ready to assist with your website. Finding reliable help can be challenging, but since 2001, we’ve supported thousands of clients, just like you.

Here’s How EASY It Is…

What Are Support Blocks?

Every support block corresponds to a half-hour of time. This implies that our minimum work commitment is for half an hour, and during this time, we not only address specific tasks but also perform additional activities such as backups, testing, and report generation. We can efficiently manage multiple requests within a half-hour block.

Here’s a pro tip: Some clients provide us with a task list to save time and blocks.

Support blocks never expire, and the more you purchase, the better the discount. It’s wise to stock up on them.

We maintain a record of your block purchases, their utilization, and the remaining balance. You can conveniently access and review this information by logging in at any time. The blocks are associated with your website’s domain name for ease of reference.

Inquiring or requesting a quote does not deplete blocks. In any situation where there might be a charge for blocks, we will always communicate and confirm that with you through email beforehand.

What Kind of Support Can You Do?

We’re experts in WordPress but can handle many other types of websites too. Feel free to ask us anything.

Here are some examples of the maintenance work we typically do:

  • Add content and do layout (images, copy/text, files, videos, etc.)
  • Add / remove employees from Staff pages
  • Fix website errors / issues / troubleshooting
  • Test the Contact Us form / check that emails get delivered
  • Add forms
  • Add / remove users
  • Add CAPTCHA to forms
  • Add popups or notification bars
  • Make sure website software is up to date (core software, plugins, themes, etc.)
  • Add and configure security plugins
  • Add products to your e-commerce store
  • Add maps to pages
  • Help make the website load faster
  • Add snippets of code
  • Adjust page styles (CSS) or colors
  • …and LOTS more!

Again, don’t be afraid to ask!

How Long Does It Take?

We typically finish requests within 24-48 hours on business days. Every request is logged in a ticket system to make sure nothing is missed. Our team follows up on tickets to deliver the best service to you.

What If There’s a Problem With the Work?

In life, unforeseen events can occur. If there’s an issue with our work, we’ll either rectify it or provide you with a refund. We consistently take backups before implementing changes, ensuring we can revert things if necessary.

Our goal is to ensure your happiness so that you’ll

Get Started!

You can start right now without paying a dime.

Just start a request and we’ll take it from there.

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